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Affiliate Finance is the leading Affiliate network in the financial sector. We specialize in the distribution of commerce systems which can be used for the trading of Binary Options. Affiliate Finance was founded by the online marketing professionals at KML Media, back in 2014. Seeing its success and potential for growth, Affilitrade LTD, reg. number 204253729, purchased it (September 2016, Bulgaria). Affiliate Finance grew over the time to the biggest Binary Options Affiliate network worldwide. The company philosophy is very simple: to deliver high commissions and unique products, easy to use for every website operator. We also never forget our goal: to remain the best Binary Options Affiliate network.

Daniel Schmargon

Senior Affiliate Manager

Daniel Schmargon is our Senior Affiliate Manager. He knows all about Media Buying and takes care of our customers. He knows how affiliate marketing works and can help you grow your business.
E-Mail: schmargon@affiliatefinance.net
Skype: schmargontschik

Chris Pilz

Marketing Manager

Chris Pilz is our Marketing Assistant. He cares about our public image and is actively in the field of social media.
E-Mail: chris@affiliatefinance.net
Skype: pilzchris87

We offer our Affiliate partners:

  • Excellent clearing system (Cost per Action)
  • The fairest solution for all sides
  • Advice and optimization for our publishing partners
  • Friendly contact with our Affiliates self-evident
As the leading Binary Options Affiliate network we offer our partners a complete infrastructure which is needs to monetize the own website. Strong products, excellent customer support and a brilliant system which is easy to understand and to use are our unique features. Come with us on a fascinating journey – today is a good day to begin earning money from your traffic. Many partners already trust us. Try it out and see for yourself how we perform better than any other make money tool you`ve seen. We promise that we will make you excited!
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